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What is LifeWaves® Cycles Exercise®

January 25th, 2012 | Posted by TheWaveMakers in Exercise | General Health Information | Natural Health

What is LifeWaves®, and How do we Create Health?

Exercising and being healthy most certainly go hand in hand. But if you’re following our Wave Maker Community, you know that there is a better way to exercise, so much so that you can know if the exercise you are doing is making you healthier.

The way that you can be 100% sure that your exercise is making you healthier, stronger and more dynamic is with the Cycles Exercise® Program. Before this gets too pitchy, there’s a point: Exercising shouldn’t be a guessing game. You can know what you’re doing, why you’re doing it, and get what you want from your exercise program to feel alive and energetic each and every day.

A perfect exercise program takes all of the components of your physiology, from your muscles right down to your cells, and synchronizes them. It can tell you how to exercise to make everything work together. Your body can then respond to each and every situation in perfect harmony. Adapting to stressful situations becomes immediate, and when the stress is over, you recover without being knocked out for days.

But how is this possible? The answer lies in the combination of each person’s unique HeartWave and the feedback from our patented Rhythmic Biofeedback analysis program – the most advanced exercise analysis program in the world. The most important thing is that you have a unique HeartWave that can be influenced and molded to become more vibrant and reactive to everything around and inside of you – to truly be alive.

What’s really awesome is that you can see your HeartWaves by recording Cycles Exercise® sessions with a heart rate monitor. And maybe even more awesome, if that’s possible, is that the HeartWave is the largest indicator of your overall health: more than your brainwaves, more than your blood pressure and more than your cholesterol levels. It is the largest pattern in your body and so easily measured — hence the heart rate monitor!

So now you’re aware that that knowing how to exercise to train your HeartWave is important; but you need to understand how the HeartWave works to shape it to be vibrantly alive, and at your peak of health and performance.

Think of the HeartWave as your overall response to stress and recovery. What’s so exciting about this is that when you are stressed, whether from emotions or exercise, your HeartWave accelerates, meaning that your heart rate speeds up. When you recover, like when you sit down or sleep, your HeartWave decelerates, meaning your heart rate slows down. Health comes from how your HeartWave responds to stress and recovery.

This is where exercise comes into play. Exercise creates a stress response by raising the heart rate. Sitting down creates a recovery response by slowing down the heart rate. LifeWaves® designs your cardio-based Cycles Exercise® Program around what you need to shape your HeartWave to be energetic, perform more dynamically, and become healthier. How this happens will be unique to you. It could include gaining the ability to hit higher heart rates, recover more quickly, increase your heart rate variability, or any combination of these.

Our Rhythmic BiofeedbackSM analysis program then allows us to analyze all of your Cycles Exercise® sessions, examining over 22 different HeartWave components to help guide your program in the direction of improvement and health. What’s really cool is that we visually show you your improvement.

That’s just the beginning of why and how the LifeWaves® Cycles Exercise® Program works. The road to health is filled with amazing things, like learning about your ultradian, circadian, lunar and circannual rhythms. You will also learn how to further enhance recovery with breathing and get your metabolism to function more efficiently with our patented ischemic preconditioning technique, BreathWaves.

Your body is truly amazing. Helping it to be vibrant and healthy at every age makes your life amazing.

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