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Understanding the LifeWaves® Program and Our Research

At LifeWaves®, we firmly believe in empowering you to control your health. Our dedication to this belief means that we embrace complete transparency about how our Program – which is designed to Increase Energy Naturally – works, our results and how we came to be. Below you will find a complete outline of the extraordinary findings resulting from trials and evaluations of our Cycles Exercise® program. If you have questions regarding our findings, please feel free to contact us for more information. We are always happy to hear from inquiring minds. Feel free to email us anytime day or night, or call (561) 252-4646 Monday - Friday, 9:00AM - 5:00PM EST to speak directly to the LifeWaves® Staff.

Making Waves and Getting Healthy with Parkinson's Disease

The Cycles Exercise® Program underwent testing at the University of Missouri in order to determine the effects of our program on health and quality of life in individuals with Parkinson's Disease. The results of this study demonstrated a significantly improved quality of life and an increase in anti-inflammatory signal molecules, among other benefits. Click here to download the results, published in the International Journal of Molecular Medicine.

Healthy Women Getting Healthier with LifeWaves®.

The Cycles Exercise® Program was put to the test in a group of "healthy nurses". The study was performed in order to evaluate how our program impacts individuals working in a high-stress environment. The results show a significant increase in overall physiological health of the test group, including healthy changes in blood pressure and cardiopulmonary fitness. These exciting results show a new, more convenient way to control and improve your health. Click here to download the results, published in the American Journal of Medicine and Sports.

Making Waves, Stress Reduction, and Health.

The Cycles Exercise® Program aims to reduce stress and create health. This review of our program's results outlines the science behind that approach. Click here to download the results, published in the International Journal of Molecular Medicine.

Cycles Exercise® - the connection between stress, health, and heart rate variability.

The Cycles Exercise® Program was put to the test in evaluating how our program impacts health, the ability to cope with stress and heart rate variability - a key bioindicator of health. Click here to download these results.

HeartWaves - the origin of disease and health according to Dr. Irving Dardik.

This paper represents an early explanation of what we now call HeartWaves. The ideas found within were originally developed by Dr. Irving Dardik, and continue to serve and advance the Cycles Exercise® Program. Click here to download the original HeartWaves paper, published by The Center for Frontier Sciences.

SuperWave Reality by Dr. Irving Dardik.

Dr. Irving Dardik discovered the SuperWaves Principle - a new way to understand the nature of order and organization in nature. This paper presents his views regarding the SuperWaves principle. Click here to download a copy of his paper.

The Great Law of the Universe - Dr. Irving Dardik

This paper contains a more in-depth look into the SuperWave Principle. Written by Dr. Irving Dardik, it is intended to bring together once disparate issues in the natural sciences through the common understanding of waves. Click here to download a copy of his paper.

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