Stop following fads. Take your exercise to the next level with a program made just for you.

  • Experience the next generation of health and exercise.

    At no cost to you, we'll send you a heart rate monitor, and exercise instructions so you can experience making Waves and our state-of-the-art Rhythmic BiofeedbackSM process. You'll have 30 days to complete your first session, and if we receive the heart rate monitor back, you won't be charged.

    Isn't it time to be healthy and feel alive?

You Are Unique. Your Exercise Program Should Be, Too.

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"As a vascular surgeon for over 50 years, I have researched and seen how much exercise can improve quality of life. The Cycles Exercise® program is a highly personalized approach that provides patterns of exercise and recovery that are appropriate for the individual. I'm a believer."

-Dr. Herbert Dardik, MD, Chief of Vascular Surgery, Englewood Hospital, Professor of Surgery, Mt. Sinai School of Medicine, Distinguished Fellow in the Society for Vascular Surgery, and winner of the AMA's Hektoen Gold Medal for the invention of the Dardik Biograft.

That's why the Cycles Exercise® Program was created. Exercise for older women has been shown to have lots of positive effects like increasing longevity, combating depression, and keeping you mentally sharp, not to mention combating the risk of cancer, heart disease, and other serious conditions. But not all exercise is created equal.

Your body is special, unlike any other, so why would you follow the latest one-size-fits-all cardio fad? The truth is, you shouldn't. We're here to make sure you're doing exercises that are tailored to your needs and body. The LifeWaves® Program is full of exercises for older women, ones that are designed specifically for them. And that's why it delivers the absolute best results for them.

The Cycles Exercise® Program consists of bursts of exercise followed by immediate recovery. You actually sit down and train your body to recover! You receive specific heart rate targets for each exercise burst, all according to who you are and what you need. In every Cycles Exercise® session, you record your heart rate with a Polar heart rate monitor. That information is uploaded to us so that we can track your patterns over time to craft a program just for your individual needs.

We Start with You

Here at LifeWaves®, your needs come first. We understand that exercise should be about putting you back on top of your game. In order to do that, you need exercise sessions that work for you. That's why we tailor each session to your physiology, giving you the best results in less time.

Turn Back the Clock

Your program isn't focused on generic goals. We match your personal level of fitness with each exercise session you do - delivering a program that maximizes your health and vitality. The end result is a body that works like it is years younger.

We Show You What Works

We make feeling better simple by showing you how your body responds to changes in your day and in your exercise program.

Customized Workouts
  • Tailored for your body
  • Scheduled with your needs in mind
  • Tangible, objective progress
  • Health-focused exercise
  • Stress management
Control Your Health
  • Practical knowledge for getting healthy
  • Customized wellness strategies for your lifestyle
  • New ways to understand your body
  • Continuous Improvement

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