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    LifeWaves® is dedicated to making you healthier, stronger and happier - to being truly alive. Our HeartWave Cycles Exercise® Program and state-of-the-art Rhythmic BiofeedbackSM system provide you with the best cardio exercises and feedback to increase your energy naturally and give you real results in real time. LifeWaves® also has specific programs to help overcome the health challenges individuals face. For example, our exercises for women over 50 are designed to help them take their lives back.

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"As a vascular surgeon for over 50 years, I have researched and seen how much exercise can improve quality of life. The Cycles Exercise® program is a highly personalized approach that provides patterns of exercise and recovery that are appropriate for the individual. I'm a believer."

-Dr. Herbert Dardik, MD, Chief of Vascular Surgery, Englewood Hospital, Professor of Surgery, Mt. Sinai School of Medicine, Distinguished Fellow in the Society for Vascular Surgery, and winner of the AMA's Hektoen Gold Medal for the invention of the Dardik Biograft.

Experience the next generation of health and exercise.

At no cost to you, we'll send you a heart rate monitor, and exercise instructions so you can experience making Waves and our state-of-the-art Rhythmic BiofeedbackSM process. You'll have 30 days to complete your first session, and if we receive the heart rate monitor back, you won't be charged.

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See what our clients are saying...

  • "The LifeWaves® Cycles Exercise® Program is at the heart of keeping and increasing my health. It is never boring and I look forward to meeting the challenge of each cycle."

    Male, Age 66, Eastern PA. LifeWaves® Member since 2008
  • "I love the way the LifeWaves® program is structured... [it] gave me a new and extremely beneficial way of seeing what my mind and body are going through... The result is that I'm using my exercising time more effectively, getting less stressed, and going with the natural flow of my body more often! Doing the LifeWaves® program keeps me in shape in the way that's right for me. It's not following any dogma, it's what really works. Being able to see what I'm doing through biofeedback is huge."

    Male, Age 26. LifeWaves® Member since 2010.
  • "I have to say that the LifeWaves® trainers are extremely patient, professional, and committed to going the distance with you. The monthly consultations are detailed and full of practical suggestions for deriving better results from the program.  The trainers see the tiny day to day, if not second to second, changes in heart rate and variability that allow them to encourage you with observable data.  And the more you participate, the more you learn to observe from your own experience and from your graphs....."

    Female, Age 66, Sarasota FL. LifeWaves® Member since 2006.
  • "After working with LifeWaves® for a few months... I began to regain my old energy levels. I have continued the LifeWaves® program and continue to baffle my [physician] each year on my annual testing."

    Male, Age 57, New York, NY.  LifeWaves® Member since 2006.
  • "I have been on the LifeWaves® Program for over 10 years, and I believe this is the most important thing I do for my health.  When I look around at my peers, I see that they have a slew of health problems which are simply non-existent in my case.  I find the Cycles Exercise® sessions both challenging and rewarding. I have been able to maintain a maximum heart rate well above what is normal for my age and I also find that I have been able to maintain my energy levels throughout the day with the advice of the LifeWaves® Trainers. I fully recommend this program for people of all ages."

    Male, Age 80, Los Angeles, CA. LifeWaves® Member since 1995.
  • "What has changed now is that I am much more aware of increasing and decreasing intensity (stress) in my day and in my week.  The trainers have had many tips for helping with this that include breathwork and the amazing hot/cold showers. I take more time to experience nature, to make sure I have a nap every day and to take other breaks, to listen to music, and to just enjoy relaxing and being embodied. People tell me I look great! It is no surprise. I am happier and more peaceful.  My life has a discipline and a rhythm to it. I sleep more deeply and longer and my body usually feels good. I have more energy and expect to have more still. I am deeply grateful to the LifeWaves® team!

    Female, Age 66, Sarasota FL. LifeWaves® Member since 2006.
  • "The LifeWaves® Trainers working with me are extremely diligent and have fine-tuned my program to the best possible health results, even though I am in a remote location. This program has changed the quality of my health and therefore my life... Irving Dardik's SuperWaves™ Principle has also given me perspective; not only on how to exercise and take charge of my own health, but also provided me with a deeper understanding of the infinite waves which are inherent within everything."

    Female, Age 50, Seattle, WA. LifeWaves® Member since 2006.
  • "I am truly surprised that the work of Dr. Irving Dardik is not more widely known. I had long been interested in circadian rhythms, but had only applied the concept in resetting my internal clock when traveling. Then I read about Dr. Dardik, and the improvement experienced by some LifeWaves® clients. In July of 2009, I began the LifeWaves® Program. I did not have any serious medical concerns, but as a busy New Yorker, I sometimes experienced the stress, fatigue, and headaches that seem epidemic here. After 8 months of doing the LifeWaves® Cycles Exercise® Program, I am more energetic, sleep better, seem to eat less and have even lost a few pounds. I realize I haven't even thought about some of my previous health problems for months. LifeWaves® is a pretty easy program to do, especially with its emphasis on the rest/recovery periods between the bursts of exertion."

    Female, New York, NY. LifeWaves® Member since 2009
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    The Science of LifeWaves®

    We monitor 11 different bioindicators to understand how your body is responding to exercise and to make sure you are doing exactly what is best for your life.

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    How It Works for You

    Record your Cycles Exercise® sessions with a heart rate monitor and then upload your information toLifeWaves® for real time analysis. This means we'll know what you need, when you need it. We continuously adjust your program allow you to reach your goals and more.

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    One-on-One Training

    With the LifeWaves® program, you'll receive one-on-one training with a Certified LifeWaves® Trainer who will help you understand how to improve your sessions and your lifestyle to maximize health.

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    Completely Customized Cardio Programs

    Everyone is different. Your program should be about who you are and what you need. That's why you will receive a Cycles Exercise® Program customized to your unique physiology. Get the best results even faster.

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    Our Research

    See dramatic results, regardless of your age, physical, or mental condition using our proven quality of life improvement strategies. You'll feel healthier, stronger, and more vibrant than ever before.

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    Free Tech Support

    For the lifetime of your membership, you'll receive free tech support for any problems you may have with your heart rate monitor or computer software.

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